It’s joy to plant, and it will not necessary to water the plants for up to two weeks to replace’Create the garden of your dreams’

The planting container is formed by two identical hemispheres and which are mutually complementing each other. The black one is for filling with potting soil for growing herbs, flowers and plants and the white one is for filling with water to form a water reservoir, for use in hydroponic and aquaponic growing, mainly for planting leafy vegetables and/or growing fish (optional). The micro fibers, through the capillary action, carries 500 cc of water daily from the water reservoir ( in the white one) to the potting soil ( in the black one) to moisten the soil for growing plants. It will not necessary to water the plants for up to two weeks. Grower is able to grow up to 24 herbs, vegetables and flowers. When harvesting vegetables or herbs, it is important to leave the stem and root for further growing.

About Kingro, Inc.

Our planting experience combined with leading technology in hydroponic organic vegetables growing has led us to develop a series of multi-functional lighted chambers, reaching a quality, appearance, price, convenience, practicality, and multi-functional effect on the company’s founding purpose - to create a happy and healthy family-friendly environment.

The patent pending multi-functional lighted chambers can be used for growing healthy herbs and organic vegetables, nurturing bright and fragrant flowers, and provide families with a lovely indoor tropical fish tank.

It’s joy to plant, through micro fiber’s capillary action, it will not necessary to water the plants for up to two weeks.

These versatile lighted chambers can be integrated in all outdoor and indoor spaces, including homes, offices, shops, restaurants, cafes, hotels, schools, and so on...

Create the Garden of Your Dreams

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